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The National Forage Testing Association Certification program goal is to improve, reproducibility, and the general quality of forage analysis. The organization's activities include:

  • Identifying the most accurate methods of analysis.

  • Documenting evidence of satisfactory laboratory performance.

  • Offering seminars to laboratories and members on important new technologies.

One of your best "return on investment" opportunities!

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Learn more about the Proficiency Certification Program.

Forage Testing - How Does it Pay?

Do you know the value of your forages? Are you getting top dollar for your hay? Do you test your forages and feeds? Do you test with a NFTA Certified Laboratory?

Why is Forage Testing Important?

Forage and feed testing is important because value pays. Forage and feed producers know price dictates value through increased milk or meat production or reduced supplement need. Accurate testing provides the producer, the seller and the buyer with accurate, valuable information. Can you afford not to know your feed value?

Aren't All Forage Testing Laboratories the Same?

NO! Many laboratories take short cuts that can produce false results on some samples. NFTA Certified Laboratories have proven the ability to produce accurate test results on recognized reference methods.

National Forage Testing Association Laboratory Certification Program.

The National Forage Testing Association (NFTA) is a joint effort of the American Forage and Grassland Council, National Hay Association and forage testing laboratories to improve the accuracy of forage testing among laboratories. Since its formation, reproducibility of lab results among laboratories has dramatically improved. Various lab methods have been reviewed and improved. Over 150 laboratories annually participate in the certification process. A list of NFTA Certified Laboratories is available online.

Associate Membership is available for those not interested in becoming a certified laboratory, but are interested in receiving up-to-date NFTA information. For further information about membership, associate membership, or to obtain the list of NFTA certified laboratories, contact Brian Shreve.


Proper Forage Testing Methods Are Important!

Listing of Hay Probes

Proper Sampling Methods Improve Accuracy of Lab Testing

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