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This site is your resource for relevant information about forage testing and your place to get certified. Forage and feed testing is important because value pays.

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The NFTA has partnered with First Response Training International to provide an online training course in Airborne Pathogens. Training employees to properly address the risks of Airborne Pathogens is a major step in getting the world back to work. For a limited time, you can complete the course for free by going to and using the promo code STAYSAFE2020. This is available to any NFTA member or non-member courtesy of First Response Training International. The course is currently available in English, Spanish and Portugese, with more translations to come.



Data entry is now live at 

- please complete the methodology questionnaire and upload your results using that system.

The second set of samples were sent to labs on July 26 with a due date of September 4, 2020.

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